What is Hillary Clinton’s Problem?

By: Alexandria Pendergast

So during this Primary Hillary Clinton, who was supposed to have an easy victory, is having significant issues during the primaries. Shockingly enough Bernie Sanders has a strong foot hold on receiving the Democratic nomination. The real question is why? I saw both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton speak at their rallies. Now Hillary did not incite a very strong response within the individuals at the rally, she also was very knowledgeable at the local issues. The problem was her audience did not really understand or know of the local issues that she did talk about. Now my question is why? Looking at Bernie Sanders, I realized he did not talk about any local issues at all, but was really inciting the crowd. Looking around I realized most of the group that was there, was the Millennials, then I realized Hillary didn’t have many at all. Bernie had all the younger crowd that really make rallies exciting. What was the different between these two? Bernie spoke in very simple words and only spoke of generic social issues that he wanted to deal with like: legalization of weed, racial equality, feminine equality, universal healthcare, and free colleges. These are just generic issues, not local ones, that he ended up relating to most people. While Hillary spoke in more complex words, but did talk about local issues like flooding and using the Mississippi as an alternative energy source. When she talked about it, there might as well have been crickets in the audience, no one understood. I think her main problem is language. Most of her audience are individuals who only have a high school diploma, and many of them cannot relate to her, because of her higher level of language in use. Since she uses this higher level of language, the younger crowd, who don’t understand or care about local issues, are unable to relate. She also speaks very calmly in her speeches, very mild compared to Bernie Sanders. I think if she spoke in simpler terms and spoke of broad topics, she would be able to get a larger pool of people to follow her into the primaries. The main problem with this strategy is people won’t know if it works, and since she is in the lead, I doubt she would want to try and practice this new style. What do you guys think about this idea?


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